† Breakthroughs †

|It’s okay, to not be okay|
|It’s okay, to cut toxic people out of your life|
|It’s okay, to be happy again|
|It’s okay, to have bad days|
|It’s okay, to go wild with your friends|
|It’s okay, to fail|
|It’s okay, to try again|
|It’s okay, if you don’t like yourself sometimes|
|It’s okay, to be human|
|It’s okay, to put yourself first|

|It’s okay, to need help|
|It’s okay, to feel pain|
|It’s okay, love yourself|

Breakthrough 1: Even though I am scared to open up to people, in fear of them leaving. It is unfair of me to put the responsibility of sticking around on them. People will come and go from my life. I will find it easier to open up to some and not to others. If people leave, it will hurt but it will be okay. I will grow. I may need to be careful the next time, but I do not have to isolate myself and ignore my feelings.

Breakthrough 2: It’s okay to just pursue myself. I think as an empath sometimes I get caught up in thinking I need to always put others first. However, this is impossible if I don’t sometimes put myself first and recharge. When we give to others on empty, we end up at some point resenting them and then ourselves. Again, it is okay to pursue and put myself first.
But the two main things I learned this year were:
You are enough!
You are so worth loving!
I wanted to start putting loving myself into action, so as I was talking to my therapist we came up with the idea that I would do daily affirmations. Every day I write down three things that are true about myself, so on those really hard days, I can take a look back and see that I am worth it.
1.      I am compassionate.
2.      I am me and my past does not define me.
3.      I am worthy of the love I give out freely to others. 
4.      I feel deeply and that’s okay. 
5.      I am a poet. 
6.      I am beautiful inside and out.
7.      I speak life and love into others. 
8.      I am learning to let go of my past and not live in it. 
9.      I’m a great mom.
10.    I am strong. 
11.     I am relentless.
12.    I’m funny as fuck. 
13.    I’m learning my faults do not define me.
14.    I am present in every moment.
15.    I accept myself exactly as I am.

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